Cool Gadgets

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Cool Gadgets

Published by Kevin Michael Kappler - Flight 74 Systems Control

Kevin Michael Kappler is a short story writer, illustrator, journalist,and music composer for over 25 years. He enjoys sharing his artistic visions with the world and has enjoyed the inspirations of seeing others uplifted by it. He enjoys seeing his work inspire others to create and creating a brighter world. Kevin enjoys becoming inspired by other's fine talents (in art,writing,music,and video), as well. Kevin has resided in the Chicago Suburbs for over 12 years and is a Native to the Chicago City. Kevin has studied psychology, sociology, crisis social working, arts and entertainment, and also PC Repair and Sciences. He holds an Associate's Degree in Psychology and also a Bachelor's Degree in PC Repair and Sciences. Kevin Kappler has held a "Sole Proprietor's License" for Music Label "Flight 1974 Systems Control," "Chrystalyx Arts," Inspired Visions," and last, "World Cassette Record Syndicated (a non-for-profit audio broadcast Label . As formerly aired on,,and also")

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