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Sonnet Poetry, Science Fiction/Technical Projects,music,

Inventive Ideas, and Personal Expressions. a “must see.”

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    Art, Music, and Poetic Expressions – The universal form of communication, that is the arts and entertainment industry and content creator.

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A personally owned label and Sole Proprietor Business (in operation) for over 25 years. Since 1999 – Flight 1974 Systems Control has Been there, for the consumer, to provide quality art, animation,music, and Technical Pc Repair Services.

A skilled Novelist,Poet,Freelance writer, and Multi-Spectrum Talented Individual , Kevin Michael Kappler has proved “A Non – Sell Out-” Staying true to originality and adjunct creative story idea editor.

Flight 74 Systems Control was established in 1999. Wishing to share his own artwork, with the world, Kevin Michael Kappler created his own Self Appointed Record/Publishing/Art Gallery Label.

   Kevin wanted his art to be created to his liking. By applying this self-appointed label, to his works, he was assured that no indie song or artistic content would never be critiqued and or produced past his original “flavor” as he wished to contain in his artistic collaborative.
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Private Label Flight 1974 Systems Control